See Details Fusion Art Fashion See Details Events and Exhibitions Philanthrophy And Art Change Lives Of SA Women Explore Artists A practitioner of the artistic technique of fumage, Langa uses different types of smoke on canvas or paper to give different kinds of scenarios that take place in his community. Learn More Breast Reconstruction Surgery “Apart from non-melanoma skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women of all races, with a lifetime risk of 1 in 25 in South Africa, according to the 2017 National Cancer Registry (NCR)”
- CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa)
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Dr Brian Monaisa

About Smile Artist Africa

Breast cancer ranks in the top five most common cancers amongst south African women. Strides have been made in diagnosis and therapeutic surgery, but there remain gaps in the ability to get reconstructive surgery, and Smile Artists Africa aims to contribute towards reducing this burden and helping African women to achieve breast reconstruction.

Smile Artists Africa arose from a desire amongst the artist community to contribute to social development in South Africa. Dr Brian Monaisa is a Johannesburg based plastic surgeon, and an avid art collector. He rallied these incredible independent, artists together into the Smile Artists Africa project. Renowned and rising artists have responded to the call and donated works to be sold in aid of empowering female cancer survivors.


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